Checkout all the websites I’m working on building! I mainly focus on new technology with websites for cultural things like music and entertainment, but most other things like 3D printers, drones, gaming, solar energy, etc.

I had the idea for years ago, and I’ve never found any other website like what I imagined so I put together a draft. The website has a playlist of all the international musicians I’ve found, as well as a map you can click on to find music from a particular country.

My idea for was to create a simple online ecommerce store for selling small plants in 3D printed planters. Only selling easy to maintain, indoor friendly plants. is envisioned to be a adult content and online threat blocking proxy similar to other online proxies but with a pass-through hardware device

jamesblonde is my new video gamer identity

So many DJs and musicians today denigrate the police, what music genre, or musician supports police? What if there was a Pro-police rapper/dubstep artist? That’s the idea for fiveohh like “5-0” the slang term for police

3d printer review website

unmanned aerial vehicle or drone reviewer

virtual reality tech and gear reviewer

drone business website for jacksonville drone photography



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