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Is Caffeine good for you?

I’ve thought about this for a long time, maybe since high school. I remember then having coffee, loving the taste, but not really feeling any different from it. I’d drink it, and think “Okay so aren’t I supposed to have all kinds of energy now?” but it’s not like that at all. Now that I’m […]

HotWorldMusic.com the world’s best World Music

When I was growing up on a 5 acre farm in Palm Beach, there was little access to internet, me and my dad shared a Garage that we converted to a living space. We had access to satellite TV through DirecTV and they had channel named LinkTV. LinkTV used to have a segment where they […]

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is obviously the successor to Google’s first Enterprise Edition Glasses, and its Explorer Edition of Glass. The Explorer Edition was started by Google and marketed towards consumers, however it was later shutdown. In its place Google re-marketed Google Glasses specifically to Enterprise (Business applications and corporations). about a year or […]