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UNF Campus
A robot writing on a computer

AI Content Writing

I’ve tried using, it works sometimes but many of the responses lack the right context and or coherence for making good content unfortunately.

However if you want to try Jasper yourself you can get 10k words when you use my promo link:

There’s also chrome extensions like HyperWrite which is a really good idea for the technology to integrate seamlessly with people but the extension is still buggy, my first time installing it locked up my computer and almost crashed my chrome browser. It supposedly works with Reddit and Gmail but it doesn’t quite work yet with WordPress.

Similar to this is Github’s Copilot which uses AI to suggest or predict upcoming lines of code to save you time.

All of these services largely draw from OpenAI’s GPT-3 model which obviously is the third version of GPT, the second version GPT-2 was released for download but wasn’t nearly ready for professional use even with the largest 1.5 Billion parameter datasets. However now the GPT-3 version is bigger and more refined but you can only use it with their API to limit and protect the technology from potential abuse. You can actually access GPT-3 from the playground for free.

Apellix Drone

Apellix Drones

I met with the talent and founders behind Apellix drones here in Jacksonville Florida and I was incredibly impressed.

Despite how they look these are not regular quadcopters, the photos and video are cool, but they really do not do them justice.

I won’t go into the technical secret sauce behind their work, but there is a very significant amount of power needed to lift the big drones, and their water supply hose.

If you’re familiar with DJI quads like the Mini 2 or the Mavic then you likely recognize the multi-rotor quadcopter formfactor.

However they actually use motors on both the top and bottom of each leg to push and pull the aircraft with added lift.

Definitely checkout my video, also checkout my other posts on drones

DIY Work Table

DIY Work Table

I designed and built a DIY work table out of wood.

I’ve recorded all the video for it to youtube which I’ll show here

I’ve posted an instructable here:

You can download the CAD design files from GrabCAD here:

I’m looking for a new Job

I’ve worked in Aerospace for the last 4.5 years, I’ve worked in engineering for the last 10 years and I’m looking for a new job.

I have skills in Mechanical CAD programs like Solidworks, and Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, 3D Printing on Stratasys Printers, as well as DIY RepRap 3D printers, Deltas, and 3D Printers for Space.

I have professional certificates for Google IT Support, Google Marketing and Advertising, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop.

Please add me or contact me on Linkedin, my Resume is updated, I have a letter of recommendation, references, and a portfolio