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  • I competed in the Kitbash3D Mission to Minerva contest

    I competed in the Kitbash3D Mission to Minerva contest

    I recently competed in a competition for Kitbash3D’s Mission to Minerva challenge. I’ve never actually worked professionally in photorealism or CGI before but I figured I could learn along the way during the competition. Honestly the prizes for the competition were pretty modest, the grand prize all together may have only been worth about $2,500…

  • Dall-e 2 Astronaut Story

    Dall-e 2 Astronaut Story


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    The sun had been acting strange lately. Scientists had been keeping a close eye on it, but they didn’t realize how serious things were until it was too late. On Monday morning, a massive solar flare erupted from the surface of the sun, hurling a billion-ton chunk of plasma directly at Earth. The magnetic field…

  • Dall-e 2 photos

    Dall-e 2 photos


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    AI has come a long way in recent years, and one of the most impressive applications of this technology is in the realm of art. OpenAI’s Dall-e 2 is a AI tool that is capable of creating high quality art based on text prompts. While Dall-e 2 is still somewhat limited, it has the potential…