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  • Ohio Trip

    Ohio Trip

    I went to Cleveland and Medina Ohio to visit family and took some photos and videos while I was there

  • Fin Fest at Jacksonville Beach

    Fin Fest at Jacksonville Beach

    I recently went to the Florida Fin Fest and took some pictures of the beautiful sunset. Here are some of my favorite shots!This first photo is my favorite. The colors are so vibrant and it’s just a really pretty sight. I also really liked this next photo. The sun was setting behind the trees and…

  • University of North Florida Photos (UNF)

    University of North Florida Photos (UNF)

    I recently had the opportunity to visit the University of North Florida and take some photos of the sunset. The colors were absolutely beautiful, and I was able to capture some great shots. Check out the photos below! The colors in this photo are just incredible. The way the sun is setting behind the trees…

  • Greencove Springs Sunset

    Greencove Springs Sunset

    I recently had the chance to visit Greencove Springs, Florida and let me tell you, the natural beauty of this place is truly breathtaking. From the moment I arrived, I could feel the relaxed vibe of the town. As I walked around, I noticed the huge live oaks that provide welcome shade on hot days.…

  • I got a Mavic 2 Pro for free

    I had 3 old Dell R710 servers and a bunch of old NESL 230 watt solar panels. I got a message from someone on Facebook marketplace interested in making a trade for the servers He was having trouble selling his DJI Mavic 2 Pro for cash, and after another week of not being able to…

  • Big Talbot Island Photos

    Big Talbot Island Photos

    As someone who loves to photography and nature, I was excited to take my drone to Big Talbot Island to get some great shots. The marshes and natural land there are beautiful, and the sunset was simply stunning. I’m so glad I got to capture it all on video! drone photography is a great way…

  • USS Orleck
  • Apellix Drones

    Apellix Drones

    I met with the talent and founders behind Apellix drones here in Jacksonville Florida and I was incredibly impressed. Despite how they look these are not regular quadcopters, the photos and video are cool, but they really do not do them justice. I won’t go into the technical secret sauce behind their work, but there…