Wyatt weight loss

Weight Loss Planner Worksheet

I made a weight loss planner worksheet in Google Sheets 6 months ago, and today on 6/18/2023 I am within 0.5 Lbs of my target! I made a spreadsheet so I could quickly experiment with more aggressive or more moderate strategies of fasting or exercise. This was important to me because I have a very busy and exhaustive work-life schedule of working 10 hours a day. So I’m switching between fasting, eating with exercise, and weight training.

Jacksonville Zoo

Photoshop AI Generative Infill tool

I played around with Adobe’s generative Infill tool now available in Photoshop Beta.

UNF Campus

University of North Florida UNF Photos

Jacksonville Florida

Duval County

St. Johns Town Center

UNF Campus

Jacksonville Hot Air Balloon Photos